Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Metamorphosis

There was a time when I had time to think of and plan creative bento. Excited about what I had created, I shared a few pictures with my mother. She, in turn, shared those pictures with her sister.

My aunt's comment? It's obvious she doesn't have kids. The implication there, of course, is that while she appreciated the aesthetics, there was an obvious sign that I had time to burn.

She was right, to a point, but only for a period of time. The time I had to spare for spending 30 minutes on a lunch disappeared once life changes occurred. We bought a house, changed jobs, and had a kid.

Then, the kid got older, as they do tend to do. Now that she's older and a little more responsible (and I know they won't be placed in a microwave by a well meaning school assistant), my assortment of boxes has found renewed use. My stash of food ideas, however, has been met with a new challenge.

The picky eating of a 4.5 year old.

Currently, we rotate through 2 standard lunches. My challenge? To shake up the lunches, while still staying within the blurriest of categories: what my daughter will actually eat!

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