Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sandwich Cutters

Sandwich cutters add variety to the average sandwich. And, if you're like me and have a kid who's "allergic" to crust, it cuts it off in one go. Now, there's a chance she'll eat the whole thing, instead of taking 2 bites before declaring the rest "crust".

They're so easy to use - 2 steps, less than 30 seconds required.

Step 1 - Position Cutter on Sandwich

This apple cutter is the one I use the most. It perfectly fits the brand of sandwich bread we usually buy.

Step 2 - Push down on Cutter

Roll the cutter around a little as you push, being sure to push firmly on all the outside edges. You may have to use your hand to separate the bread along the cut lines. 

And that's it!!

If desired, you can decorate the sandwich on the outside, or just leave it as-is. 

Cutters can be found in lots of stores. I've had best luck in Target and Supermarkets around back-to-school time. 



And Triangles! Oh my!

This triangle one cuts sandwiches a little differently, but that's something for a different post...

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