Monday, January 4, 2010

Building a better bento - Making a good thing better

Date of Creation: 2/10/09
Ingredients: Top - Scrambled eggs and Carrot/Tuna Salad. Bottom - Frozen mango, fresh blueberries, and plain brown rice with nori decoration.

Even though this was one of my earlier bentos, it remains one of my favorites, and really, it's all because of the textures. I love the way that the softness of the scrambled eggs contrasts the hard lines of the carrot salad, and the flatness of the nori contrasts the grainy texture of the rice. The sourness of the vinegar in the salad went well with the scrambled eggs, and the juice from the thawing mango pieces added a fruity component to the rice, so if I remember correctly, this was good to eat as well.

Improvements: My major complaint with this box is that I decided to use a bright yellow box for the container. Usually, this box makes the contents pop, but with the large amount of yellow in the meal from the eggs and the mango, it makes the visual aspect of the meal lose a little punch. I have a very similar box in blue, and since I did own it at that point, it would have made a better receptacle for this particular grouping of foods. Also, if I was to re-take the photograph, I would have rotated the top tier in the photo 180 degrees, so that the yellow foods weren't all concentrated on the left half of the photo.

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