Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sewing: First Project

Today I finally got to use one of the awesome gifts I got for Christmas - a sewing machine! I remember learning to sew as a child, but most of my energy was focused on making barbie clothes. My actual garment experience is limited to when I made a shirt for a girl scout badge in 5th grade and an abandoned attempt at sewing a dress during the summer before 11th grade. In short, I hadn't put petal to the metal (sewing-wise, that is) for about 12 years.

I had been batting around the idea of relearning for awhile, but thanks to a recent obsession with Project Runway (next season starts on THURSDAY!!!), I was really feeling the drive. The problem is that I tend to pick up something, go nuts with it for a while, and then putter out. This is actually part of the reason for the blog - it helps keep me honest and accountable (or else the internet will come and get me. Seriously.)

This afternoon granted me enough time to pull out the supplies needed, since our apartment lacks enough space for me to dedicate a good work corner without a major re-org session (and since we'll be moving in 4-6 months, I'm not crazy about the idea), and work. The project comes from a book that I picked up right after Christmas - One Yard Wonders - under the guess that a smaller project would be easier.

The first bit of sewing. I'm editing out the measuring and cutting process, since it really isn't that interesting. I was so excited about that first square I sewed that I promptly ran to show it to my husband, DrCo.

This was the point where I began to suspect that a quick project didn't necessarily equate with an easy project. I'm attempting to turn two identical squares of fabric into something with a three-dimensional shape.

I made it through, though. Machine sewing done!

Turned right side out.

And stuffed and finished!

Taadaa! Wrist Pin Cusion! The irony in making this was the number of times that I realized just how handy a wrist pin cushion would be when trying to wrangle the fabric to go where it should. Good thing I decided to do this one first.

Now that I have a bit of confidence in sewing, I'm trying to decide what to work on next. Hancock Fabrics was having a sale on patterns this weekend, so I picked up a few at greatly reduced prices, but I'm not sure if I'll tackle one of those or one of the other projects in the book I have. It came with patterns, too!

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