Thursday, January 14, 2010

Experimentation with a Sandwich Cutter

A month ago I ordered this sandwich cutter from J-list (my husband's Christmas gift came from there, and since I was already paying for shipping...), which I had been wanting to make adorable little sealed sandwiches. Fortunately, the instructions that came with it had decent pictures, which is good, because I'm about 5 years removed from the Japanese class that didn't get to a quarter of the kanji in use in the instructions.

To start, I pulled the leftover tuna mixture from here and grabbed two slices of bread. These are two slices of the Sara Lee 45 calorie bread, the whole wheat variety.

Tuna piled in the mold...

Top slice on and sandwich cutter flipped over.

Pressing down on the cutter.

Opposite side of the bread after cutting. I ended up pushing from the other side to try and help it along.

It looks good from this angle...

But not so much from this one. Hmm.

I did notice that the best seal was on the long side of the triangle, so that may mean that the crusts weren't allowing the shorter edges to get a good "squish". Next time, I think I'll try either cutting the crusts off the bread first, and possibly moving the cutter further into the center of the bread. That may help me get a good seal all along.


  1. i have this same one and i really can't get it to work either. i think it's because i like to use wheat bread, and it really works best with like, crappy (meaning non-nutritious) wonderbread.

  2. I tried it with some really grainy wheat, and it did not go so well for me, either. I've had the best results with this Sarah Lee bread - similar texture to crappy bread, but at least a little healthier than wonderbread.