Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How To: Leftover Lasagna Bento

After our dinner of vegetable lasagna, there was quite a bit leftover. More leftover, in fact, than we would be likely to eat in another dinner. Problem? No! An aha moment!

The problem is, just one piece doesn't look very elegant or appetizing, and is probably too small to fill me up at lunch the next day.

Solution! Cucumbers sliced in half and arranged around the piece of lasagna. There's still something missing, though

One mini star shaped cutter to a cucumber slice, and...

Much, much, better.

Now, for the protein portion! I jazzed up a can of tuna a bit, put it into the bottom half of the box, and added some more cucumber for decoration, along with some dried parsley flakes for visual texture.

The finished product! I wish there would have been some greens in the house to line the bottom half with, since it would have given a nice bed to the tuna, but since I won't get a chance to do some grocery shopping until this weekend, I can hardly be picky.

My favorite box looks excited to go to work with me tomorrow...

...where I'll eat it's brains!

Or, you know, the general contents of the box.

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